Peruvian Food in Los Angeles, California

Here in Los Angeles we can't say enough about all the cultures, traditions and all the different types of food we have!

Recently, we tried Peruvian food after seeing so many great reviews and hearing so many good comments. Los Angeles offers a great variety of cuisines from American, Asian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Cuban and so many others, it is easy to over see a hidden gem especially when you do not see that many Peruvian restaurants around.  

Well big surprise for us, there are plenty of Peruvian restaurants all over Los Angeles, you just have to search in Google maps or even social media and you will find a long list of great places. Many of these Peruvian restaurants are smaller joints (fast food looking) that are famous for their chicken and french fries. 

We instantly fell in love with their seasoning and warm hospitality! After tasting their delicious dishes offered for dinner/lunch, we went for our favorite part: dessert! Oh Boy they recommended these powdered sugar cookies (shortbread cookies Peruvian style) called Alfajores OMG! These are the type of homemade cookies that makes you want to write a blog about them! 

After eating a whole order of them (box 9ct*), we asked the restaurant owner as we were curious that the cookies or even the packaging did not look like it was a mass produced dessert. The box was delightfully handmade decorated with very special touches and the cookies themselves were a piece from heaven.  The owner told us they were homemade by an authentic Peruvian baker therefore preserving the original flavor as the ones you could try when you visit Peru. To say they were absolutely amazing is an understatement! Too bad they are not sold commercially elsewhere because they would be a total hit. We ended up taking two boxes home and we made sure to share with our friends and family!



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